For Landlords

leaseBetter Homes and Gardens Real Estate Coccia Realty is among the top 5% of brokers in Northern New Jersey in number of apartments rented. We attract tenants to your unit and take out the guesswork and hassle in searching for a tenant. Utilize all the benefits we offer in finding a tenant for your apartment, in addition to stopping the many phone calls from unqualified tenants or waiting for no-show appointments.

What will your rental agent do for you?

  • We provide you with a “Market Evaluation” of the unit so you get the best rental value.
  • We will take photos and information of the premises to share with other brokers and prospective tenants.
  • We will place your apartment information on the Multiple Listing Service.
  • We advertise your property in various print and Internet media.
  • We collect a security deposit and the first month’s rent for you.
  • All prospective tenants are required to fill out an in-depth rental application.
  • We obtain the tenant’s identity and financial status.
  • The tenant’s credit is thoroughly checked, and you are provided with a copy of the tenant’s credit report.
  • Tenants are required to provide us with proof of income or proof of an ability to pay you for the apartment.
  • Tenants are required to provide you with proper government-issued identification such as driver’s license, passport, etc.
  • If a tenant’s application or credit report is not to your favor or below your qualification standards, you may reject the application.
  • If you so desire, we will arrange a landlord-tenant interview at any of our office locations or a place convenient to you.
  • Contact us by calling your local Better Homes and Gardens Coccia Realty branch or by clicking here to send us an email message.

 What happens when a landlord accepts a tenant?

  • We prepare an in-depth lease, outlining rules and regulations and, if necessary, we provide you, the landlord and the tenant a federally-required Lead Paint Disclosure Form.
  • We provide the tenant with the required State of New Jersey “Truth In Renting” Booklet.
  • When we collect the full security deposit, we provide you with the necessary tax forms and tenant ID for you to open a tenant’-security deposit account. The security deposit is then immediately given to you, the landlord.
  • We will collect the first month’s rent and hand it over to you immediately — and direct the tenant as to where future rent should be sent/paid.
  • We provide tenants with keys if you wish.
  • You and the tenant are provided with copies of all documents.
  • After the lease is signed, if you direct us, the tenant is provided with your contact information.

 How are real-estate agents paid for rentals?

There are significant benefits when the landlord pays our fee instead of the tenant. We’ve outlined just a few of them for you here.

  • Some landlords prefer to have the tenant pay the fee, but it often winds up costing landlords with an empty apartment and not collecting rent for a few months.
  • Landlords can encourage tenants to rent their apartments with incentives like paying a fee or providing additional services.
  • Apartments where landlords pay the fee are generally rented quicker than apartments where the tenant pays all of or part of the fee. This gives the landlord more options such as more qualified applicants to choose from, and at times, a “bidding war” occurs with tenants increasing their offer to rent your premises since there is more competition for the same apartment.
  • It is a tax deduction that you receive on your income tax.
  • Rather than losing a few months income, a landlord could see paying the fee as an investment so that he or she can start realizing a monetary gain by collecting monthly rent.
  • A fee is collected only if we rent the apartment, No tenant, no fee.
  • Let us free up your time by handling the calls. No more unqualified or no-shows to wait for.
  • We can include a paragraph in the lease agreement that should the tenant move out of premises prior to the expiration of lease, the tenant would be responsible for reimbursement of entire broker fee to landlord.
  • Click this link to contact us or call 201-997-7000, 201-939-8900, 201-939-0001, 973-377-4400 or 973-334-1232.

Coccia Realty is an Equal Housing Opportunity Broker. We do not and will not discriminate or participate with any person who discriminates on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, nationality, ancestry, marital status, familial status, affectional or sexual orientation, sex, or mental and physical disability, so please don’t ask us. Discrimination is against the law and just wrong. Click the following Fair Housing link to obtain information on State and Federal Fair Housing Laws and Penalties.