Rent Vs. Buy Calculator

Compare the costs of renting versus buying a home.

This Rent or Buy Calculator helps you compare the costs of renting vs buying a home. This calculator compares the total cost of renting with the total cost of buying. To calculate these estimated costs/savings we use the estimated home purchase costs for a home, compared to the renting costs of a comparable rental home. You can use this information to help you decide whether it is better for you to rent or buy.

Monthly rent
Yearly Increase
Tax Bracket
Loan Term
Loan Interest Rate
Loan Amount
Property Price
Home Appreciation
Property Taxes
Duration of Stay
  • Cost of Renting (est).
  • Gross Cost of Buying (est.)
  • Tax Related Savings
  • Increased Equity
  • Net Cost of Buying (est.)
  • Total Savings (est.)
  • Investment Savings (est.)

Notes: None of the financial information entered in this calculation is retained, giving you the confidence of complete privacy. We provide baseline assumptions that we encourage you to tailor to your personal situation. The calculator assumes a value of 0.01 for discount points and a total closing cost of $661.20.

* Calculators provided for estimating purposes only. Consult with your lender to determine precise payment requirements.